February 25, 2015

Local Business Owner Sees Bright Future in Capital Region

By: Barry Wygel

Source: Time Warner Cable News

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Time Warner Cable News

It's the chance of a lifetime for New York students. The sixth annual Business Plan Competition is underway and students could win more than $500,000 in prizes. Barry Wygel caught up with last year's winner, who was able to expand her company's research on glaucoma medication.

It's been one year since Karen Torrejon and her company Glauconix won the New York Business Plan competition.

"The future is bigger than I expected it to be a year ago," said Karen Torrejon, CEO of Glauconix. "The money we got from the business plan competition helped us a lot."

Karen's company uses technology invented at SUNY's Polytechnic Institute and utilizes it to test glaucoma medication for effectiveness. While the average person would be baffled as to where to even start, Karen had a plan.

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