June 12, 2014

Industry sustainability efforts mount with III-Vs and other advanced technologies

By: Debra Vogler, SEMI

Source: Solid State Technology

The introduction of new materials, such as III-Vs, into high-volume manufacturing of semiconductors, likely will occur sometime around the 7nm and/or 5nm nodes. III-V’s introduction, along with the potential transition to 450mm wafers, and the increasing expansion of global regulatory requirements, will heighten environmental, health and safety (EHS) concerns that must be addressed as the industry goes forward. The Sustainable Manufacturing Forum to be held in conjunction with SEMICON West 2014, will feature experts in the manufacture of semiconductors, microelectronics, nanoelectronics, photovoltaics, and other high-tech products.

One of the Sustainable Manufacturing Forum speakers, Richard Hill, Technology Infrastructure manager at SEMATECH, will discuss how the addition of III-V materials into the high-volume manufacture of semiconductors will bring sustainability issues to the forefront, primarily driven by the toxicity of arsenic that is used in much greater quantities in III-V production. Challenges include wastewater treatment, toxic gas detection control and abatement, and the need for robust protocols to ensure operator and maintenance personnel safety. Hill will speak at the Next Generation Eco Fab session on July 9 at SEMICON West.

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