November 03, 2013

More than 200 attend QUAD-C Community Day

By: Gary Liberatore

Source: WKTV

MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Many people may not even know what the massive building being constructed on the campus of SUNYIT will be used for, let alone what its name, QUAD-C stands for.

That's why all parties involved in getting the building constructed here in our area held a QUAD-C Community Day on Saturday.

SUNYIT Acting President Robert Geer was among a panel of speakers who spoke to a full house inside a huge white tent set up for this event right outside the construction site.

Before taking people on a tour of the actual construction site, Geer and a representative from Mohawk Valley Edge and M & W Construction held an information presentation.

Geer says it is a great idea to get the community involved in this project from the actual construction of it, "Inside the tent, we have a little bit about the construction, what it's going to be, what it's going to look like, so when people go out onto the tours they can have a mental image."

More than 200 area residents took part in the QUAD-C Community Day, including Joe Salamone of Schuyler, who along with a friend brought their teenage sons on Saturday, "Well it's going to be a big shot to the area, and a lot of money is going to be spent here and we wanted to just keep up on it. Plus we brought the kids and we think it it's going to be part of their future, so they should be introduced to it now."

M & W Construction is the company building QUAD-C, which will be home to the only two story 'clean room' in the country.

M & W Project Director Bruno Ozols says this is the 13th clean room building construction project he has been involved in, and he says in each, during the construction phase, the community does get excited about what one building may mean for the area's future, "Oh it's always exciting because they can see what's coming on, they can see the growth, they can feel the excitement in the air. They get a sense that this is actually happening, because seeing is believing."

Geer says this tour of the building site will be the first of many tours of QUAD-C to come, "We want to make sure the community understands this is a facility for them, it's for the companies in the area, so we want as many people to come and not only see the construction but after it's finished, come over as well."