July 18, 2012

New Energy Symposium attracts investment seekers

By: Nicolas Mokhoff

Source: EE Times

NEW YORK -- Fifteen “clean tech” companies, more than half of which are located in New York state, are competing for investment funds at the seventh annual New Energy Symposium at the New York Academy of Sciences here this week, (July 18-19).

The technologies from the companies range in technologies from energy storage solutions, LED light fixtures and vacuum energy to a thermodynamic heat pump, ultracapacitor sheet storage and a fuel-borne catalyst for improved combustion of heating oil.

“Through partnerships between government, academia, and high-tech companies, such as the U.S. Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium headquartered at CNSE, the Empire State is pushing the boundaries of developing next-generation clean energy, and setting the pace for the nation in green innovation and economic outreach,” Pradeep Haldar, CNSE vice president for Clean Energy Programs and CNSE Professor and Head of Nanoeconomics, said in a statement.

Each of the competing companies presents a business plan to a panel of regional and national venture capitalists, corporate VCs, private equity and angel investors, investment bankers, and government executives.

Since its inception, the New Energy Symposium has showcased 58 early-stage cleantech companies that have raised more than $160 million in venture capital and government funding.

Involved is the Energy and Environmental Technology Applications Center of the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering offers a platform for CNSE to leverage its intellectual power base infrastructure for integrating nanoelectronics and other nanotechnologies in energy and environmental applications.

The New Energy New York consortium, made up of New York energy-related technology organizations focused on energy-related technology issues, is a sponsor of the symposium.