October 07, 2011

CNSE Honored By Euroasia Semiconductor


Source: Euroasia Semiconductor

Ten years ago a major topic of discussion was the growing need for collaborative research due to the rising costs of moving to the next node of manufacturing. Whilst many were talking about such things, one group in the USA decided to put in motion a plan that has developed into one of the largest co-operative research platforms that the industry has ever seen.

The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering of the University at Albany is a now global education, research, development and technology deployment resource dedicated to preparing the next generation of scientists and researchers in nanotechnology. CNSE supports accelerated high technology education and commercialization, and seeks to create jobs and economic growth for nanotechnology-related industries.

Since its inception, CNSE has quickly gained recognition, both on and off campus, as a leader and pioneer in nanotechnology education, research and economic outreach. I was lucky enough to be one of the first non US journalists to visit the site way back in 2001 when the only clean room was a converted room surrounded by thick plastic strips to maintain a sense of cleanliness. More than $12 billion has now being invested and the CNSE Albany NanoTech Complex totals 800,000 square feet of cutting-edge facilities with 80,000 square feet of 300mm wafer, class 1 capable cleanrooms, with more than 2,600 R&D jobs on site.


A key component of the success of the group is the purposeful interaction of industry, government, academia and local support that has traversed political and business differences to include every major industry player as well as links to every other research centre in the world. Adding to an enviable history of success the CNSE has recently announced that leading semiconductor companies have committed $4.4 billion to work on developing chip technology and will focus on the inevitable move to 450-millimeter wafers and is led by chip manufacturers including IBM, Intel, Samsung, TSMC and Globalfoundries.