April 25, 2011

$57.5M U.S. Department Of Energy Award To CNSE To Establish The U.S. Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium

By: by PBS - Innovation Trail



Below, please find links to the PBS "Innovation Trail" segment that ran over the weekend, which featured the $57.5M U.S. Department of Energy award to CNSE to establish the U.S. Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium.

The segment was part of the "New York Now" program, which aired in New York City, Long Island, Rochester, Buffalo, Binghamton and Watertown, in addition to Albany.

Here's the full segment on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixkTSRpbiBg

Here's how it appeared on the "New York Now" program: http://video.wmht.org/video/1896954719