April 06, 2011

UAlbany Awarded $57.5M For Solar Research

By: by The Business Review


University at Albany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering will receive $57.5 million in federal money for solar-cell research and development.

The U.S. Department of Energy announced the award on Tuesday. DOE also awarded another $5 million to the University of Central Florida, which has partnered with UAlbany and the Sematech computer-chip consortium to use nanotechnology to develop procedures to reduce the cost of solar-cell manufacturing.

Alain Kaloyeros senior vice president and CEO of CNSE, a $6.5 billion nanotechnology research hub, said this week that UAlbany will use the same technology it uses for computer-chip innovation to help make New York a hub for photovoltaic research.

Sen. Charles Schumer had pushed for $100 million in federal funds to help CNSE form a Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium with more than 80 corporate and university partners.

That money was expected to be split with UCF, which has sought to create new technology jobs in Florida to replace those left due to cuts in the federal space program.

Another $400 million already is earmarked for the photovoltaic research center. That includes $125 million in state funds.

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