April 06, 2011

Nanotech College Gets $57.5 Million Grant

By: by YNN News Channel


ALBANY, N.Y. -- Nearly $60 million in federal grant money is coming to the Capital Region and that could eventually add up to a big number of new jobs.

Senator Charles Schumer announced Tuesday that the Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium, made up of the UAlbany Nanotech School and Sematech, along with the University of Central Florida, won the funding.

More than a hundred million dollars was up for grabs.

While about $60 million will come to New York, another $50 million or so will go to Florida.

Schumer was just in Albany on Monday to lobby for the funding. The money will support new manufacturing technologies and increase solar panel exports from the U.S.

Senator Schumer says could lead to millions of jobs across the country over the next decade. That includes the potential for thousands of news jobs right here in the Capital Region.

The consortium was surprised to hear that they have now secured nearly half a billion dollars in funding.

"This is a great day for us here. And we're excited, we're really happy that we were chosen as one of the winners. The competition was severe. We had companies from Michigan, from Ohio, from other parts of the country that had applied for this grant too and they still picked us as one of the key winners here," said Pradeep Haldar, Vice President of Clean Energy Programs.

Haldar says this money will help create a program that will allow the U.S. to regain its competitiveness.

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