April 06, 2011

CNSE Gets $57M For Solar Research Center

By: by News Channel 13 - WYNT


ALBANY - A consortium at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at the State University at Albany is getting over 57 million dollars in federal money.

Senator Chuck Schumer is calling this a major victory for the area: $57.5 million for a solar research center.

The capital region is getting the lion's share of a grant from the federal government for a research center that could create millions of jobs in the United States.

Schumer was in Albany yesterday talking about the final push to make this happen. He figured we'd know if Albany was getting the money in about a week. The news came down around 4:30 p.m. today.

The Department of Energy has chosen the CNSE as the site for a photovoltaic consortium that local leaders say has the potential to create thousands of jobs locally. That type of technology generates power using sunlight to make electricity. It's like those solar panels you're starting to see on more businesses, homes and schools. Schumer has been touting this as a major factor to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

While touring the nanoscale complex yesterday Schumer marveled at how far the capital region has come and has high hopes for what this solar energy center means for the future.

Local leaders really believe this is a game changer in how the capital region and the
United States gets and creates energy.

WNYT has been told that the money will come over the course of 5 years.

"This investment by DOE, along with investments made by New York State, will infuse critical capital that, coupled with the pioneering model established by CNSE, will position New York and the U.S. as world leaders in 21st century photovoltaic technologies. In building on the public-private partnerships, world-class innovation and high-tech infrastructure that have made CNSE the world's ‘go-to' place for nanotechnology, we are poised now to drive the creation of high-paying green jobs and the attraction of corporate partners and investment, while reducing our nation's carbon footprint for future generations" said CNSE Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Alain E. Kaloyeros in a statement.

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