February 23, 2011

Clean Energy Alliance Announces Two New Members

By: by James Groelinger, Executive Director, Clean Energy Alliance


Mahwah, NJ: Clean Energy Alliance, Inc. (CEA), the national association of clean energy business incubators, announced today that two clean energy business incubators have joined the organization.  New members unanimously accepted are Boulder Innovation Center, Boulder, CO, and Rocky Mountain Innosphere, Fort Collins, CO.

"The continuing expansion of the Clean Energy Alliance, founded in 2000 by DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), is an exciting process.  It demonstrates the growing interest in the renewable energy and cleantech sectors, as evidenced by the demand for incubator services and the increased number of incubators that are specializing in cleantech.  We are also witnessing an increase in the number of incubators that are expanding their programs and services to incorporate cleantech.  We look forward to continuing to work with CEA and its members to provide access to NREL programs designed to support small and growing businesses, as well as to provide access to new technologies developed by the laboratory," said Richard Adams, Manager of the NREL Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.

"The growth of CEA is evidence of the importance of the incubation and mentoring process to the commercial development of clean energy technologies in the United States," said James F. Groelinger, CEA's Executive Director.  He continued: "Through the relationships and systems that are, and will be, offered by CEA, the members can avail themselves of leading-edge techniques and best practices for fostering the growth of new commercial clean energy businesses.  As a result, the entrepreneur clients will have unprecedented support and the opportunity to develop reinforcing and complementary relationships that are critical to success."

David Specca, CEA's Chairman and the Assistant Director of the Rutgers EcoComplex, said: "We're very excited to welcome our Colorado colleagues into the Clean Energy Alliance.  BIC and RMI are great additions to our network of geographically diverse and broad-based incubator facilities.  We will continue to welcome clean energy business incubators, as well as companies that share the objectives of the Clean Energy Alliance, to strengthen the development, demonstration, and commercial deployment of new clean energy technologies at local, regional, and national levels.

About the Clean Energy Alliance: The Clean Energy Alliance (CEA), founded by NREL, is an expanding national association of leading business incubators and other entities dedicated to providing technical, business, and financial services tailored to the needs of the clean energy community.  CEA member incubators are located across the country.  CEA's mission is to be the preeminent - and prominent - national entity focusing on clean energy business incubation, entrepreneurial mentoring and development, and technology commercialization.  See


About Rocky Mountain Innosphere, Fort Collins, CO: Rocky Mountain Innosphere (RMI) is dedicated to accelerating the success of high-impact startup companies in the cleantech, bioscience, and technology industries, and to promoting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Colorado.  RMI offers a comprehensive set of entrepreneurial acceleration programs in the areas of advisory services, business planning, access to capital, business connections, education, and networking.  Clients are offered office, lab, and conference facilities in the new 32,000sf headquarters, which also showcases Colorado clean energy technology with a 50 kW solar PV plant, and for which LEED Platinum certification is being pursued.  See http://www.rmi2.org/.

About Boulder Innovation Center, Boulder, CO: The Boulder Innovation Center is one of America's premier entrepreneurial support organizations.  With its highly specialized team of mentors and advisors, the Boulder Innovation Center defines a new model for business incubation across key industry sectors holding the most promise for the community, global economies and the environment.  Located in one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystems for early-stage companies - Boulder, University of Colorado, and the Colorado School of Mines - the Boulder Innovation Center blends the resources of business and academia to optimize opportunities for the technologies and companies of the future.  See http://www.boulderinnovationcenter.com/.

For more information or to schedule an interview with James Groelinger, please contact him at (609) 516-7669 or email [email protected].