July 15, 2008


By: by Albany Daily Photo


Today's word of the day kids is Photovoltaics. The College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering had their New Energy New York Symposium the past two days with the main focus on Phtovoltaics (aka...Solar Cells). Most of the discussions dealt with the current state of technology, commercialization of these technologies, investment into renewable energy, energy efficiency, transportation applications, and global climate impact. If you didn't have solar panels on your house before the symposium, you probably want to get some now. The image at left is a picture of a Photovoltaic (Solar Cell) up close. One thing to take away from it all.....Germany is WAY far ahead of the US and is looking to make an even larger impact. If you are concerned with global warming or the climate crisis, change to an energy efficient light bulb and writer your local representative. You can make a difference even if you don't drive a fuel cell or hydrogen vehicle. Every little bit helps, and it all starts with small steps. Today is just as good as any other day.