June 12, 2008

First Albany High School Class Graduates From The Pioneering ‘NanoHigh Program

By: by Steve Janack, College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering


Albany, NY - Certificates were presented today to 20 Albany High School ("AHS") students who have completed the first year of the groundbreaking "NanoHigh" program - developed jointly by the City School District of Albany ("CSDA") and the University at Albany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering ("CNSE") - which is believed to be the first initiative of its kind at a public school anywhere in the country.

The pilot program was designed by CSDA and CNSE to enhance students' opportunities to take advantage of new nanotechnology-related careers being created in the Capital Region, across New York State and around the globe. Nanotechnology, which involves the manipulation of matter at the molecular level, holds the key to current advances in electronics, health care, energy, environmental science and a host of critical fields.

The unique NanoHigh program was launched last fall, with introductory nanoscience courses taught at AHS and then brought to life with hands-on, interactive laboratory activities conducted at CNSE that utilized CNSE's world-class Albany NanoTech Complex. Students tackled a variety of cutting-edge facets of nanotechnology, including nanoscale patterning and fabrication, principles of self-assembly, nanobiomedical applications, fuel cell exploration and nanoeconomics, among others.

Based on the success of the initial classes, CSDA plans to add an advanced nanoscience course next year, as well as a middle school class related to nanotechnology.

"This has been an outstanding experience for our students, both through the dedication and excellence of our district teachers and staff, and through our exceptional partnership with the UAlbany NanoCollege," said CSDA Superintendent Eva C. Joseph, Ed.D. "The opportunity for our students to access this one-of-a-kind educational facility and receive hands-on exposure to technology that is transforming our world is an experience that will give them a head start toward starring roles in tomorrow's high-tech workforce."

Dr. Alain E. Kaloyeros, Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of CNSE, said, "The UAlbany NanoCollege is delighted to have had the opportunity to work with the visionary leaders in the City School District of Albany to turn the concept of NanoHigh into a pioneering program that has broken new ground in preparing the scientists of the 21st century. I especially applaud the Albany High School students who have embraced NanoHigh with passion and enthusiasm, and look forward to expanding this pilot program to reflect the rapid growth of the nanotechnology economy in the Capital Region and across New York State."

The success of NanoHigh also led CSDA and CNSE to host the first-ever Capital Region NanoEducation Summit on April 23, at which more than 100 teachers, administrators and school board members from throughout the region discussed preparing K-12 students for science literacy, with a focus on nanotechnology, which has been described by the National Nanotechnology Initiative as "leading to the next Industrial Revolution." 

About City School District of Albany. The City School District of Albany serves approximately 8,600 students in 18 elementary, middle and high schools. In addition to neighborhood schools, the district includes several magnet schools and programs, as well as other innovative academic opportunities for students. The district is more than halfway through its comprehensive facilities project to newly build and/or renovate nearly all of its elementary and middle schools. The ultimate goal of the facilities project is to provide schools with the resources necessary to help students succeed in the 21st century.

About CNSE. The UAlbany CNSE is the first college in the world dedicated to research, development, education, and deployment in the emerging disciplines of nanoscience, nanoengineering, nanobioscience, and nanoeconomics. In May 2007, it was ranked as the world's number one college for nanotechnology and microtechnology in the Annual College Ranking by Small Times magazine. CNSE's Albany NanoTech complex is the most advanced research enterprise of its kind at any university in the world: a $4.2 billion, 450,000-square-foot complex that attracts corporate partners from around the world and offers students a one-of-a-kind academic experience. The UAlbany NanoCollege houses the only fully-integrated, 300mm wafer, computer chip pilot prototyping and demonstration line within 65,000 square feet of Class 1 capable cleanrooms. More than 2,000 scientists, researchers, engineers, students, and faculty work on site at CNSE's Albany NanoTech complex, from companies including IBM, AMD, SEMATECH, Toshiba, ASML, Applied Materials, Tokyo Electron, Vistec Lithography and Freescale. An expansion currently underway will increase the size of CNSE's Albany NanoTech complex to over 800,000 square feet, including over 80,000 square feet of Class 1 capable cleanroom space, to house over 2,500 scientists, researchers, engineers, students, and faculty by mid-2009. For more information, visit http://www.cnse.albany.edu/ .