May 11, 2007

SEMATECH Moves To Albany

By: by Fox 23 News


The headquarters and operations of International SEMATECH, a consortium of nanaotech and semiconductor companies, is moving from Austin, Texas to the College of Nanoscale Science at the University at Albany.

State lawmakers reached agreement on $300 million in funding for new space and equipment which the state will own and SEMATECH will lease.

It all happened very quickly and means 450 new jobs directly tied to SEMATECH and thousands more related jobs created and retained across the state.

Dr. Alain Kaloyeros/Vice President, College of Nanoscale Science: "This is the last piece in the puzzle that establishes us as a global competitor in the R&D and commercialization of nanotechnology."

That piece of the puzzle was held close to the vest until now.

The deal was known only by a handful of people, including Dr. Alain Kaloyeros, Governor Spitzer and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who said earlier in the day that funding for nanotech expansion needed to move forward quickly.

Governor Eliot Spitzer: "This is somethign that is critical to continuing to build on a foundation in the Hudson Valley in terms of the tech economy that we want to attract."

Sheldon Silver/D-Assembly Speaker: "This is an important economic development tool that will create jobs across the state, not only in the Capital District."

The estimated $450 million deal includes $300 million in economic development money from the Assembly to set up cleanrooms and equipment to design and create the next generation of semiconductors.

International SEMATECH will pitch in $100 million and Federal funds will make up the last $50 million.

Dr. Alain Kaloyeros says this is the best spot for SEMATECH and its companies to compete on a global scale.

Dr. Alain Kaloyeros: "They want to position themselves so they can be in an area and partnership that allows them to be the most competitive globally. That's why they're here."

The Assembly introduced the funding bill Wednesday afternoon and the Senate says it will support it.

The hope is to have a contract signed and sealed by July 1st and to have people and equipment start to move to the Nanoscale College and begin the next phase of work of SEMATECH.