May 11, 2007

International SEMATECH Moving Headquarters To Albany

By: by Jaime Kazlo, Capital News 9


The official announcement came late in the afternoon Wednesday at the University at Albany NanoCollege.

Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Dr. Alain Kaloyerous announced International SEMATECH will move its headquarters from Austin, Texas to the research facility in Albany.

"This is the last piece of the puzzle, if you will, in what we are trying to do as a region, to establish ourselves as a global competitor in research and development and commercialization of nanotechnology," said Dr. Kaloyerous.

As part of the seven-year agreement, SEMATECH has agreed to re-locate its headquarters, create 450 high tech jobs and provide $25 million, which will fund research at five education centers across the state.

"This affects people in a range of 40-50 miles, with jobs, with businesses, you name it -- restaurants, cleaners and movies," Bruno said.

Governor Spitzer said the news will more firmly establish New York as a global leader in research and development.