December 14, 2006

Meeting Of Minds On Fuel Cells

By: by Bud Lowell, WXXI, Rochester


ROCHESTER, NY (2006-12-12) Interests from around New York State interested in commercializing fuel cells met at the Rochester Institute of Technology today, trying to make New York a world leader in advanced fuel cell research.

Pradeep Haldar of SUNY Albany is Executive Director of New Energy New York and the New York Fuel Cell Network. It's a consortium of 40 different companies, agencies and universities all working on fuel cell development. He says the goal is to pull all those interests onto one page so New York doesn't miss it's chance to take a lead role in commercializing fuel cells as a power source.

Haldar says New York has some important things going for it when it wants to be a leader in fuel cells, including four companies that already make them. It also has the third-largest energy consumption in the nation, which makes it an important market for electricity generation by fuel cells.

The fuel cell researchers met at the Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies at RIT. Director Nabil Nasr says New York is lucky to have some of the leading companies researching fuel cells including General Motors and Delphi. He says the challenge is to make sure the state turns this into future jobs.