November 06, 2006

Vistec's Move To Area Deserves More Attention

By: by Bob Blackman, Guest Editorial, Times Union


I was fortunate to attend the announcement recently by the state Assembly, Vistec Lithography, the Arsenal Business & Technology Partnership and the College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering at the University at Albany celebrating Vistec's relocation of its world headquarters and operation to our region.

This is a landmark announcement for a major high-tech company to pick up and relocate 130 well-paying jobs not just out of London but to Tech Valley. As a longtime member of the local business community this, on the back of the recent announcement of AMD's selection of Malta, I view as nothing short of spectacular.

I am concerned that residents of our region do not appreciate the positive impact these announcements have on our future. Companies like this not only contribute to our economic health, they create opportunities for our children and grandchildren to stay in the region. It is very important for Tech Valley residents to know how unique and valuable events like these are.

I was disappointed in the Times Union coverage of this announcement. I look at the Times Union to be upfront in promoting the positive aspects of regional developments and to emphasize the significance of them.

I feel that the coverage was fairly small for the significance of this announcement. I would speculate that if a local company was moving out of the region the announcement would have been top-of-the-page headlines.

I hope as future announcements come forward, the Times Union will see fit to really "raise the flag" and both welcome them and emphasize to readers the positive aspects of these events.


Vice President

Realty USA