August 16, 2006

Kermit Hall's Vision To Live On

By: by Fox 23 News


In his short time at UAlbany, Kermit Hall left a lasting legacy in his efforts to turn the university into a high tech center of learning and business. But his death will not leave a void in his vision for Albany NanoTech.

Dr. Eddie Knowles said, “To me he's left an incredible legacy.”

When you see high tech development in and around UAlbany Kermit Hall probably had a hand in it. From the seemingly always expanding College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering to the deal to bring in computer microchip manufacturer AMD, Hall was involved.

Knowles said, “All of these things were beginning to come together. As my president likes to say he was just getting started.”

In his year and half in his post relationships flourished with neighboring colleges and universities too. He built partnerships in technology with schools like RPI Vice President Dr. Eddie Knowles, a UAlbany graduate himself has watched that excitement.

Knowles said, “I see many parallels of what Kermit was trying to do on west side and the kinds of things we were doing here on the east side.”

To give you a sense of the connections being made between the University at Albany and RPI President Hall and President Shirley Ann Jackson of RPI convened roundtable discussions so business communities and the higher-ed community could talk about the future.

It’s a future that many say Kermit Hall understood; preparing graduates to be competitive in a high tech world.

Assemblyman Paul Tonko said, “We were touched by his many desires to make this place the high tech NanoTech center of the universe.”

Knowles said, “He did something to change the landscape that he found here a little over a year and a half ago?I think it resonates with this region and it's going to live on.”

Dr. Alain Kaloyeros Vice President of UAlbany's NanoTech College said in a statement, “President Hall will be remembered not only as a visionary leader and extraordinary scholar with a commitment to excellence across all academic disciplines, but as a man of honor and dignity.”