August 10, 2006

Big Ideas Seen On Posters

By: by Times Union


Don't expect to see any classic works of art, trippy fractals or rock 'n' roll legends on these posters.

All summer, 22 undergrads studying at the University at Albany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering have been working on a variety of research projects involving the tiny technology. Today, the college will hold the opening of a poster presentation outlining the student's work.

Yes, all of the posters are full-size.

The students have been working on projects ranging from plasma enhancement for biomedical sensing, spin-dependent hot electron transport and the economic impact of alternative energy sources in the state.

The students have diverse backgrounds, including physical, chemical, biological and computer sciences, and mathematics and engineering, and they come from a variety of colleges and universities, such as the University at Albany, RPI, Georgia Tech, Rochester Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Clarkson University and the University of Waterloo.