August 08, 2006

Energy Execs Meet To Discuss UAlbany's NanoTech Facility

By: by Capital News 9


Energy technology executives met to discuss alternative energy at the University at Albany's NanoTech facility.

More than 100 people in the field met for the Tech Valley Energy Forum. This is the sixth such forum and it's designed to introduce Tech Valley organizations to new issues and challenges in the energy industry.

The chief executive officer of Plug Power talked about real ways the average person can cut down on energy consumption.

"There are a lot of practical things you can do, I talked about compact florescent light bulbs today,” Dr. Robert Saillant said. “If every household in America put three of those in places, you could save about the amount of energy about 3 million vehicles a year use."

Saillant also talked about other practical and easy ways to cut down on energy usage, including buying fuel efficient vehicles.

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