January 11, 2006

SUNY Albany To Add Nanotech Center

By: by Poughkeepsie Journal


Another major facility for high-tech research, this one in nanotechnology, is planned at the State University of New York at Albany, with IBM Corp. among the several semiconductor companies joining in.

The $435 million Institute for Nanoelectronics Discovery and Exploration is one of two to be built in the nation, the other one being in California's Silicon Valley, Gov. George Pataki said Tuesday.

A 250,000-square-foot building will be added to the complex that now houses several major semiconductor projects involving partnerships between industry and academia.

"You are going to change the way people live for generations to come," Pataki told Center of Excellence workers in announcing the project. The state will invest $80 million, Pataki said.

Research will cover new materials and methods for microchip fabrication. "IBM strongly believes that our research collaboration is critical to discovering the next generation of innovation in chip technology," said Glen Brandow, a spokesman.