Tech Valley Energy Forum Featuring DOT Commissioner Astrid C. Glynn


From: April 28, 2008 4:00 PM

To: April 28, 2008 6:00 PM

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Monday, April 28, 2008
TIME: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Join us April 28, 2008! Featuring DOT Commissioner Astrid C. Glynn

The Energy and Environmental Technology Applications Center (E2TAC) at the College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering will host the 13th Tech Valley Energy Forum on April 28, 2008.  The forum will feature the New York State Department of Transportation Commissioner Astrid C. Glynn, who will discuss current transportation policy, New York State's plans and actions and the ties to the energy sector.  Immediately following the Commissioner's speech will be a cocktail reception. 

Abstract While transportation and energy policies and practices are clearly connected, rapidly escalating fuel prices and a growing national concern about global warming have linked these sectors even more closely.  Transportation represents 27% of carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. and 35% of such emissions in New York. Reductions of these emissions can play a significant role in addressing the climate change challenge.  As such, changes within the transportation field would have a significant impact on how the climate change challenge is addressed.  For example, strategies that link land use and transportation, such as considering access to public transportation when planning for community growth can help reduce vehicles miles of travel, and lead to reduced energy consumption and improved air quality.  New and evolving technologies; transportation design, operating, and investment practices that consider energy and environmental concerns; conservation strategies; partnerships; education; coordination and creativity will all be needed to address the transportation, energy and environmental challenges we face.  Yet while we are aware of the link between transportation decisions and environmental and energy impacts, national highway and transit funding is based largely on the amount of gasoline consumed.  With transportation programs due for authorization at the federal level in 2009, the debate is now heating up as to how the nation will fund critical transportation needs and address many competing policy issues.    Event Details Location: NanoFab South Auditorium and Rotunda | 255 Fuller Rd. Albany, NY 12203 Time: 4-6 pm RSVP: Ms. Kate Dooley | [email protected] 518-956-7369 Cost: There is no cost to attend this eventAstrid C. Glynn Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.Astrid C. Glynn was confirmed as Commissioner of the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) on May 22, 2007.

As NYSDOT Commissioner, Ms. Glynn plays a key role in setting transportation policies at both the State and the national level.  She chairs the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Capital Program Review Board as well as the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC). She is a member of the Governor's Smart Growth Cabinet, and the Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) Executive Leadership Council.  At the national level, Ms. Glynn chairs the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standing Committee on Rail Transportation (SCORT), chairs the AASHTO Intercity Passenger Rail Leadership Group (ICPRLG), and is a member of the AASHTO Special Committee on Intermodal Transportation and Economic Expansion.

Before joining NYSDOT, Ms. Glynn was Deputy Chief in the Massachusetts Office for Commonwealth Development.  She also served in the Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation in a number of capacities, including Deputy Secretary for Capital Planning and Multimodal Transportation and Director of Intermodal Transportation.

Ms. Glynn earned her B.A. from Bennington College and her J.D. from Albany Law School.

Location: NanoFab South Auditorium & Rotunda

Contact Information: Name: Kate Dooley Phone: 518-956-7369 Email: [email protected] Website:

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